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Outdoor Adventures

Travel in rural and remote areas of Canada will always turn up with exciting vacations and great memories. Come fish or hunt, come seeking adventure, come and get reacquainted with nature, come experience the beauty. Come explore the wilderness!

Find yourself fishing on a salmon charter of our coasts and on our great lakes or casting a flyrod over a wild Arctic stream. Perhaps you'd prefer the thrill of fishing for trophy-sized lake trout, walleye, northern pike, muskie, and bass on a crystal-clean remote northern lake or river, returning at days-end to relax with friends in a resort, lodge, or secluded outpost. Find yourself and your companion all alone after a outfitting a fly-in adventure to a wilderness river. Maybe you can picture yourself in a sea-kayak or exploring beneath the waves on a scuba-dive. How about a hiking expedition or an exciting rafting adventure along a wild scenic country-side. Surprise yourself with how fun winter is touring along groomed snowmobile trails. Whatever your pleasure, be sure to bring your camera. Its time to get close to nature!

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Abram Lake Park
Box 444 Sioux Lookout ON. 807-737-1247
Categories: HK, HtBr, CgRV, NP, RnB, FBL, LmB, PgC, ExB
Regions: Ontario / Sunset Country / Patricia Region

Adams Lake Outfitters and Wilderness Adventures
P.O. Box 1697 Chapleau ON. 1-705-864-2333 or 1-877-929-9995
Categories: AP, Eh, Et, CnCH, NP, TrS, W
Regions: Ontario, Ontario / Algoma Country

Algoma Kinniwabi Travel Association
485 Queen St. E., Suite 204 Sault Ste. Marie ON. 705-254-4293 or 1-800-263-2546
Categories: HtG, HM, Rn, Sk, Tr, W
Regions: Ontario / Algoma Country

Ancient Voices Wilderness Camp
General Delivery Dawson City YK. 867-993-5605
Categories: OpBI, Ac, Et, HK, RtSA, GdT, WsArA, TnSv, DS, FcRrO, SNNL, Sp
Regions: Yukon

Andy Lake Resort
Box 172 Kenora ON. 807-543-4051 or 1-888-543-7533
Categories: W, WV, HtG, SkXC, VS, Se, RnSn, RnB, RO, RtB, SpHT
Regions: Ontario / Sunset Country / Lake of the Woods Region

Ashambie Outpost, Ltd.
Box 488 Warroad MN. 218-386-3928 or 800-243-5159 (USA only)
Categories: HK, NP, W, HtM, CnF, Mk, RnBF, CpNRm, HtBd, Ac
Regions: Ontario / Sunset Country / Lake of the Woods Region

Athabasca Fishing Lodges
Box 7800 Saskatoon SK. 306-653-5490 or 1-800-667-5490
Categories: RoC, SeRt, WC, CnF, TrL
Regions: Saskatchewan

Athapap Lodge
Box 30 Cranberry Portage MB. 204-472-3342
Regions: Saskatchewan

Atikaki Wilderness Camps
Box 820 Pine Falls MB. 204-367-4401
Categories: BSM, HtBrBl, OpFI, W, SeRt, HK, NP
Regions: Manitoba / Eastern, Manitoba

Auld Reekie Lodge
Auld Reekie Gowganda ON. 705-624-3512
Categories: HK, HtBrBl, NP, W, TlH, EvTF, LmB, SNNL
Regions: Ontario

Bathurst Inlet Lodge and Bathurst Aviation
Box 820 Yellowknife NW. 867-873-2595
Categories: OpFI, RoCV, Et, WV, ASC, LmHs
Regions: North West Territories

Bert Kunz Guide Service
Box 185 Powerview MB. 204-367-8909
Categories: GdF, W, LmB
Regions: Manitoba / Eastern, Manitoba

Big Hook Wilderness Camps
Box 642 Sheboygan WI. 920-457-3525
Categories: HtM, OpFI, NP, W, GdH, Ac, LH, WC
Regions: Ontario

Birch Lake Lodge
Box 408 Red Lake ON. 807-727-2158 or 800-361-7884 (USA only)
Categories: OpFI, W, HtBr, HtM, NP, AP
Regions: Ontario

Black Spruce Tours
c/o Fred Vidito R.R.#4 Annapolis Royal NS. 902-532-7317
Categories: GdT, Sh, LmHs, LmWf, Pk, TrIM
Regions: Newfoundland / Labrador

Blue Water Aviation Services Ltd.
Box 20 Pine Falls MB. 204-367-2762
Categories: AP, AS, RoCV, RpAcS, WC
Regions: Manitoba

Blue Water Chamber of Commerce
Box 979 Pine Falls MB.
Regions: Manitoba

Blue Waters Bed & Breakfast and Guide Service
Box 38 St. Georges MB. 204-367-2105
Categories: BB, BSM, BSP, Ca, Eh, FcGC, FcPA, FWD, IF, NP, PkP, PyCO, Sg, W, WVBd, WVB, OtF, WVUD, AP, Cp, CpNRm, Et, FBL, FcRrS, FsCL, GdF, Lm, LmC, PgC, RoCC, RoKC, RtWG, SNNL, SpHT, SpS, TlH, TlSn, Tr
Regions: Manitoba / Eastern

Brabant Lodge
Box 4412 Hay River NT. 867-874-1600
Categories: IsL, AGy, NP, W, GpB, SeRt, ASC, LF, ROFT
Regions: North West Territories

Camp Grayling
111 Gathercole Cres. Saskatoon SK. 306-439-2178
Categories: FI, HK, RRf, ASDT, NP, TrL
Regions: Saskatchewan

Canadian King Lodge at Shahowis
1407 Government Street Victoria BC. WA 253-833-0342 BC 250-388-6515
Categories: RoKS
Regions: British Columbia / The Islands

Carpenter Lake Cabins
RR# 2 Bruce Mines ON. 705-736-2279
Categories: HK, RECg, Tr, LmB, NP, RoCC, TlH, B
Regions: Ontario / Algoma Country

Cedar Island Lodge
Box 770 Crawfordsville IN. 807-226-1224
Categories: IsL, OpBI, Mk, TrL, BSM, TkDT
Regions: Ontario

Chaudiere Lodge
321 West 107th Street Carmel In. 317-843-0647
Categories: AP, B, IsL, LF, NP, RnB, SeIs, W, CpNC, Mk, WV
Regions: Ontario, Ontario / Rainbow Country

Country Camping and Cabins
Box 104-B Sioux Lookout ON. 807-737-1356
Categories: CgRV, REC, RnB, Mk, NP, W, LmWf, SNNL
Regions: Ontario / Sunset Country

Cree Lake Lodge
4417 54th Avenue Vermilion AB.
Categories: HK, OpFI, NP, RTA, TkWt, RoC, AS, LmC, ROFT
Regions: Saskatchewan

Eagle Nest Lodge
Box 25 Pointe du Bois MB. 204-884-2301 or 800-665-0232 (USA)
Categories: HK, OpBI, NP, GpB, HtBr, HtD, W
Regions: Manitoba

Errington's Wilderness Islands
Box 22075V, 44 Great Northern Sault Ste. Marie ON. 705-884-2215
Categories: Eh, TrRw, WVB, SNNL, WV, NP, SeIs, W, WVBd, WVUM, WVWt, Et, TrNT, WVBdL, AP, AS, IsR
Regions: Ontario / Algoma Country, Ontario

Fireside Lodge
Box 2787 Joliet IL, USA. 815-439-1472 or 1-800-545-0815 (US)
Categories: CnF, F, Mk, EvTF, TnOS, NP, FcOt
Regions: Ontario, Ontario / Sunset Country, Ontario / Sunset Country / Patricia Region

Frolander Island Resort
R.R.3, Box 66 Warroad MN. 218-386-2496 or 800-386-2496 (USA only)
Categories: IsR, HtBrBl, TkDT, Mk, NP, FI, BSM, CpNRm, HtM
Regions: Ontario / Sunset Country / Lake of the Woods Region, Ontario

Frontier Lodge
Box 278 Elliot Lake ON. 705-848-2809 or 1-888-848-2809
Categories: HK, OpFI, TkDT, TlH, Tr, AP, HtM, TlB
Regions: Ontario

Ghost River Camp
Box 566 Sioux Lookout ON. 807-582-3330 or 1-888-446-7874
Categories: OpBI, ExB, HtM, NP, W, HK, AP
Regions: Ontario / Sunset Country / Patricia Region

Golden Eagle Lodge
Box 1180 Lynn Lake MB. 204-356-8261
Categories: HK, HtBr, OpFI, Tr, NP, AP, HtM
Regions: Manitoba

Golden Hook Camp
P. O. Box 240 Red Lake On. (807) 727-2708
Categories: CgRV, CnF, Mk, NP, RnBF, CpNC, OtF
Regions: Manitoba

Goose Bay Camp
Box 68W Ear Falls ON. (807) 222-3313 or 800-667-5208
Categories: HK, Op, CgRV, HtM, W, HtBr, NP, Rn, LmB, TkCH
Regions: Ontario

Grassy Narrows Lodge
Box 83 Union Grove WI.
Categories: HK, HtBr, HtM, TkDT, NP, W, B, RoC, RO
Regions: Ontario / Sunset Country / Lake of the Woods Region, Ontario

Heffley Lake Fishing Resort
Box 92 Kamloops BC. 250-578-7251
Categories: HK, TrR, Cg, CpNC, WVBd, WVU, SN
Regions: British Columbia

Henderson Instutite
Categories: CmOGr, LmCAS
Regions: Manitoba / Eastern

Holinshead Lake Resort
Box 300 Kakabeka Fall ON. 807-982-2171
Categories: FI, NP, Op, W, CpNO, FcRrO
Regions: Ontario

Indianhead Lodge
Box 216 Sioux Narrows ON. 807-226-5558 or 1-800-954-8246
Categories: HK, TlSn, B, NP, TlH, W, GdF, LmB, AP, ROV
Regions: Ontario

Indiaonta Resort
P.O. Box 1289 Atikokan ON. 807-947-2581 or 1-877-711-1121
Categories: HK, VS, Gd, HtBrBl, RnBF, HtBd, AP, HtM, LmB, ROV, FBL, SpS
Regions: Ontario / Sunset Country / Rainy River Region

Johnson Lake Resort
Box 78, RR# 1 Louis Creek BC. 250-828-6966
Categories: TrK, HK, RnB, Cg, TkCH, FBL, FcRrS, PgC, RO
Regions: British Columbia

Liddle's Fishing Adventures
Box 385 North Bay ON. 705-495-3473 or 800-263-3474
Categories: OpFI, SeRt, AP, NP, W, Wh
Regions: Ontario

Loon Haunt Outposts
Box 1344 Red Lake ON. 807-773-5564
Categories: NP, OpFI, SeRt, W, WC
Regions: Ontario, Ontario / Sunset Country

Lost Island Lodge
R.R. 2 Emo ON. (807) 582-3366
Categories: IsL, NP, W, HK, AP, GdF, Mk, B
Regions: Ontario

Maynard Lake Lodge
916 12th Avenue North Kenora On. 807-529-6540 or 1-800-352-3931
Categories: HK, HtBrBl, OpFI, HtM, FcGR, LmB, Mk, NP, W, ROFT, SpS
Regions: Ontario / Sunset Country

Muskwa Outfitters
Box 77 Brochet MB. 204-323-2057
Categories: Of, GdF, NP, W, AGy, CpT, FcRrO
Regions: Manitoba

Nechako Lodge and Aviation Services
same as summer . or 1 800 567 7022
Categories: Et, Ac, ExB
Regions: British Columbia / Northern

New Moon Lodge
General Delivery Morson ON. 807-488-5813
Categories: IsL, Gd, AP, NP, HtBdDk, Mk, IF, ROV
Regions: Ontario / Sunset Country / Lake of the Woods Region

Nordic Lodge
Box 2028 Saskatoon SK. 306-382-0850
Categories: HK, CnF, AGy, TrL, LmCP, LmHs, NSM, CpNRm, LmG
Regions: Saskatchewan

North Bay Real Estate Services Ltd.
36 Lakeshore Drive North Bay ON. 705-776-7879
Categories: REC, REL, RER, REW
Regions: Ontario

Northern Ontario Tourist Outfitters
269 Main West, Suite 408 North Bay ON. 705-472-5552
Categories: HtG, OgPO, Ro, ExB, WV
Regions: Ontario

Northland Outfitters
Box 389 Nakina ON. 807-329-5253
Categories: OpFI, VS, OfC, SeRt, WV, RnB, LmFOG, ROGS
Regions: Ontario / North of Superior

Northwest Ontario's Sunset Country Travel Association
P.O. Box 647W Kenora ON. 807-468-5853 or 1-800-665-7567
Categories: ExB, HK, Ev, NP, Rn, HtG, Pk, Rt, WC, WV, RT, Sw
Regions: Ontario / Sunset Country, Ontario

Ogoki Frontier Inc.
RR# 13, 478 Lakeshore Dr. Thunder Bay ON. 807-583-2698 or 1-800-454-7644
Categories: Op, GdT, HtM, CnF, GdH, RoC, NP, WC
Regions: Ontario

Oliver Lake Wilderness Camp
Site 29, Box 22, RR# 2 Prince Albert SK. SK mobile: JR3-3046, Kane L Tower
Categories: IsL, OfC, HtBrBl, HtM, NP, TrL, AGy, TkDT
Regions: Saskatchewan / Northern

Papertown Motor Inn
Box 599 Pine Falls MB. 204-367-2261
Categories: HM, LmB, W
Regions: Manitoba / Eastern

Pine Falls International Walleye Classic
Box 37 St. Georges MB. 204-367-8533
Categories: EvT, EvTF, HM, W, OtF
Regions: Manitoba / Eastern

Reindeer Lake Lodge
Box 998 Cochrane ON. or 1-800-461-6917
Categories: CnF, NP, Op, TrL, AGy, GdF
Regions: Saskatchewan

Ross' Camp
RR# 2, Box 47 Emo ON. 807-428-2018 or 1-800-363-2018
Categories: AP, BSM, HK, HtD, W, TrL, HtBrBl, HtM, NP, OpBI, OpFI
Regions: Ontario / Sunset Country / Rainy River Region, Ontario / Sunset Country, Ontario

Satellite Impressions
same as summer .
Categories: CtM, MdPP, MpD, NR
Regions: Nation-Wide, Ontario, Manitoba

Savanne River
P.O. B Upsala ON. 807-986-2484 or 1-800-663-5852
Categories: HK, NP, W, Cg, IF, RnB, SkXC, FBL, PgC
Regions: Ontario

Seal River Heritage Lodge
Box 1034 Churchill MB. 204-675-8875 or 1-888-326-7325
Categories: Et, WVBd, WVBP, WVWf, WVWh, DS, Of, RoKS, SNNL, TrN, SNAM, ExB, ExR, GdF, GdT, LmHsPc, NP, RoC, RtSd, TkWE, TrL, CnF
Regions: Manitoba, Manitoba / North of 53

Selwyn Lake Lodge
. 1-600-700-3310 (free or 1-800-667-9556 (US)
Regions: Manitoba

Sportsman's Lodge and Trophy Outposts
Box 341 Red Lake ON. 807-727-2581 or 1-800-465-1097 (US only)
Categories: HtM, NP, FI, HtBrBl, W, AP, Op, HK, MpOS, LFH, ROV
Regions: Ontario, Ontario / Sunset Country / Patricia Region

Sunset Cove Lodge
RR# 1, Box VN97, Sunset Cove Callander ON. 705-752-2820 or 1-800-563-4395
Categories: HK, IF, NP, W, APM, SkXC, TlSn, CpNC, LmB, TrHkSg, PgC, TlB
Regions: Ontario

Sydney Lake Lodge
Box 858 Red Lake ON. or 800-437-9937
Categories: LmWf, NP, TrL, W, WVPS, AP, OpFI, EhCm, HK, WVBd
Regions: Ontario, Ontario / Sunset Country

Tamarack Lodge
Box 83 Union Grove WI.
Categories: IsL, Gd, B, NP, TkDT, W, HtBdDk, ASFs, HK, AP, CpNC, FcRr3
Regions: Ontario / Sunset Country / Lake of the Woods Region

Tee Pee Outfitters
P.O. Box 609 Leaf Rapids MB. 204-473-2963 or 1-800-242-9098
Categories: OpFI, HtM, NP, CnF, TrL, ASC, W
Regions: Manitoba

Thunderbird Lodge & Outposts
P.O. Box 23087, RPO McGilli Winnipeg MB. 204 475-7818
Categories: AP, CnF, OpFI, NP, W, Wh
Regions: Manitoba

Timberlane Lodge
Site 10, Box 1, Silver Bay Road Mindemoya ON. (705) 377-4078 or 1-800-890-4177
Categories: VS, F, SwBPr, CpNRm, SrRs, WVUD, Fc, FcGR
Regions: Ontario

Tomahawk Resort
Box 29 Sioux Narrows ON. 807-226-5622 or 800-465-1091
Categories: HK, RnBHB, CgRV, FM, REC, GdF, B, NP, LmB, TlH, W
Regions: Ontario / Sunset Country / Lake of the Woods Region, Ontario / Sunset Country / Patricia Region, Ontario / Sunset Country / Rainy River Region

Trail's End Lodge
R.R.2 Emo ON. or 800-482-2057
Categories: GpB, HtD, PrC, TlH, AP, CpNC, EhCm, FcGR, LmB, NP, TkHb, W, SpS
Regions: Ontario

Tumblehome Lodge
Crotch Lake Clarendon ON. 613-279-2414
Categories: HK, FcGC, W, EvTF, LmB, Rn, TkDT, SrRs, GdF, APM, FcH, Mp, ROSG
Regions: Ontario

Ubiquity Lake Outfitters
Box 820 Spiritwood SK. 306-883-2262
Categories: AP, CpNC, FI, HtBrBl, NP, Of, Op, TrL, W, Gd, EhCm, AS
Regions: Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan / Northern

Uchi Lake Lodge
Box 104-B Sioux Lookout ON. 807-737-1356 or 800-946-8244
Categories: FI, GdH, HtM, NP, W, GdH, LF, AP, HK, RnB, SNNL
Regions: Ontario / Sunset Country

Virtual Horizons
c/o Hummingbird Island Airways, P.O. Bag # 6 Male, Republic of Maldives . 960 317812
Categories: MdO
Regions: Nation-Wide, World-Wide

Voyageur Quest and Algonquin Log Cabin Lodge
599 Millwood Road Toronto ON. 1-416-486-3605 or 800-794-9660
Categories: DS, Gd, Of, RoC, WV
Regions: Ontario / Near North, Ontario / North of Superior, Ontario

Watson's Algoma Vacations Limited
P.O. Box 1129-B Wawa On. 705-856-2223
Categories: OpFI, NP, W, Mp, RoCD, TrB, Ph, WVBd
Regions: Ontario / Algoma Country

Whiskey Point Fishing Charters
1525 Coal Harbour Quay Vancouver BC. 250-743-5348
Categories: BB, REBB, REOI
Regions: British Columbia / The Islands

White Bear Resort
Box 46 R.R. #2 Emo ON. 807-482-2362
Categories: HK, AP, Mk, MpOSF, NP, W, ASC, ASFs, SaWd, WV, LmB, PgC, SpS
Regions: Ontario

Whitesea Cottages and Charters
Box 18 Meldrum Bay ON. 705-283-3450 or 1-800-732-0350
Categories: Ac, AS, CbF, GdF, HK, NR, OpFI, RE, Sm, HtBr, HtD
Regions: Ontario / Rainbow Country

Witch Bay Camp
P.O. Box 238 Kenora ON. 807-543-4024
Categories: Op, GdF, BSM, NP, RnB, W, FBL, Mk, AP, F, ROFT
Regions: Ontario / Sunset Country

Wollaston Lake Lodge
322 Verbeke Rd. Saskatoon SK. 306-633-2032
Categories: CnF, GdF, TkDT, AGy, NP, SpS, W, CpNC, GpB, LOL
Regions: Saskatchewan / Northern

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