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Top and New Sites a comprehensive internet directory New.

Discover MonkeySweat Search.

AltaVista Searches, the Looksmart Directory, and Raging Search.

MSN Searches and the Looksmart Directory.

Excite Searches and the Looksmart Directory.

Go.Com. Works for me.

Yahoo! and Yahoo Canada Searches and News.

Lycos Network includes HotBot.

AOL.Com Searches and the Open Directory Project.

NBCi Entertaining, Empowering, & Engaging.

Google Searches and the Open Directory Project.

WebCrawler It's that Simple..

The Open Directory Project and her cousin Netscape Search.

LookSmart The Quality Directory.

Deja News The discussion network. Get to know it.

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Anti Spam

CAUCE: Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email.

Spam Recycling Center

Figuring out fake E-mail & Posts.

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Searching with Spiders and Crawlers

EuroSeek The *first* true multilingual search engine in the world!

What-U-Seek Where you seek, not search ... and where you sail, not surf.

Thunderstone's Website Catalog., created to excel in the world of search engines.

Jayde Online Directory Over 750,000 site listings; site tune-ups.

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Parallel Search Engines

Search Thingy and the Best Engines.

MultiCrawl Parallel Searches and Free Auctions.

Metacrawler Top searches from the top engines. is a specialized collection of tools to help you find information fast.

Dogpile The Friendly MultiSearch Search Engine.

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Directories An Outdoor Directory

Alcanseek Alaska's and Canada's Search Engine.

Maple Square Canada's Internet Directory in co-operation with Excite and AOL Canada.

Canlinks Directory is a comprehensive listing of world wide web sites with an emphasis on Canadian Sites.

Linkaway2 A personal Internet Information Resource Guide.

PlanetSearch A family of web site communities focused on specific interest areas.

REX Internet Resource Exchange; search and index. The global electronic business directory. Search made simple.

Galaxy is the professional's guide to worldwide information and services including links to sites about the great outdoors.

InfoSpace The ultimate internet directory.

Scrub The Web! Advanced Business Systems; internet software.

Linkcentre Directory and Search Engine Search by keyword or category.

WebScout Reviews only the Net's very best Web sites, archives, and discussion groups.

Global Reach Internationalize your web site. Links to Web sites throughout the world, in several languages.

The blue window Directory. Swiss.

The PeekABoo Your News, Travel and Services Directory, created by Tell America!

WWWomen! The most inclusive, up to date search site for women's topics.

Nerd World Media Over 10,000 Nerd-sorted categories.

Switchboard Connecting people, businesses and information; white and yellow pages, mapping service, web search tools.

CMC Directory of information sources about the internet and computer-mediated communication.

BizWeb Web business guide, 194 categories.

Find mE-Mail. The authoritative, free, change of e-mail address directory.

WhoWhere? is the way to find people and businesses on the Web.

OneKey : the Smart, Kid Safe Search Engine; largest database of kid safe sites, best of the net in over 500 categories.

The Argus Clearinghouse The Premier Internet Research Library; selective collection of topical guides.

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Web-based Resources and Usenet

SuperNews The World's leading Usenet provider; tools for online businesses and professionals to navigate the internet's largest public discussions.

PromoteOne A search engine research company; order the book, "The Step by Step Guide to Promoting a Web Site" here.

VirtualPROMOTE Learn how to market and promote your web site.

Macmillan Computer Reference: computer books and software.

Submissions to The Link Engine are posted immediately; sites are selected by humans.

NewsLinx Internet News News on and about the Internet.

ICQ The World's Largest Online Communication Network.

CoolSTOP clearing new roads to the 'Net and cool creativity!

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